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Concrete cutting and core drilling

Core drilling is the process of removing a cylinder of material, using a specifically designed core drill. The material that is left inside the drill is known as the core. Click here for enquiries about Core Drilling

Corcut can help you with all your drilling needs. In situations where the core needs to be preserved, we use a drilling machine called the corer. It is used to obtain a core sample. If your needs are to remove less material than with a standard bit, diamond-tipped core drills are used. Holes for large-diameter penetrations in stone or concrete, as well as for manholes and pipes, are created using these diamond-tipped core drills. The diamond-tipped core drills are also frequently used for the removal of broken hold down bolts that are drilled out after which it is replaced and fixed with epoxy.

We also take samples of concrete structures for strength testing and supply laboratory results.

The equipment used by Corcut can core drill holes from:

  • 16mm diameter to 400mm diameter both horizontally and vertically.
  • We can even core drill 700mm diameter holes up to 3000mm deep.
  • Our equipment can core drill the above measurements through steel reinforced concrete. Contact us

Concrete cutting (sawing) is the process of sawing, drilling, and removing concrete, using special saws containing diamond impregnated blades. The most common kinds of concrete cutting are core drilling, sawing, and flat/slab sawing. Click here for Concrete Cutting enquiries.

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Corcut can help you with the removal of old or unwanted concrete such as driveway sections and damaged sidewalks. The equipment used can cut holes in existing concrete, and are also used during the construction of large scale projects, for example highways and bridges. Thus, we can assist you in the removal and replacement of both small sections of concrete and large, entire structures.

The saw cutting machine used by Corcut can cut up to:

  • 730mm deep both horizontally and vertically.
  • This piece of equipment can even cut through steel reinforced concrete. Contact us today.

concrete cutting and core drilling

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